Siwa: the oasis

Alain Blottière

Siwa: the oasis, Alain Blottière, 2000, 12x17cm. 3 maps. 171 pp. Paperback.
ISBN 977 5845 04 1

The oasis of Siwa, the most beautiful and secretive of all Egypt, lies some 600 kilometres west of the Nile in the midst of a vast and waterless desert. It was here that Alexander the Great came to consult the celebrated oracle of Ammon and it was here that he received confirmation of his divine origins. Isolated by a sea of sand, Siwa lived for millennia according to its own laws and customs, and today remains a symbol of all that is different and all that is unique in an ever more uniform world.
Alain Blottière leads us through the past and present of Siwa on a journey that is at once intimate and personal and yet touches on the universal in his plea for the preservation of one of the last places on Earth that truly merits the name "oasis" both geographically and metaphorically.

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